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Court 1
Format and Rules


1-up 1-down (with adjusted/NET points)

(see League Format page for more info)



A game is worth a point. If you win a set, you get 7 points, regardless if you finished with 6 or 7 games. (for example: If you win a set 6-4, you get 7 points.) Rewards a win more. TIEBREAK rule: if 2 players are tied in points after the 3rd set, then a singles tiebreaker will ensue - Play singles lines, 2 serves, First to 7, win by 2. (3-way tie click here).


Time issues:

In the event you run out of time (ie. at 7:30pm) or the lights go out during the 3rd set, the current set score fast forwards for scoring purposes. So 4-3 becomes 7-6 for example. To avoid this issue, please arrive early to warm up and start your match within 10 minutes of start time.


NET Points: game points are weighted as it is increasingly harder to win a game on the higher courts. So we have a “Net Points” multiplier.

Court 1: 1 game won = 1.7 Net points

Court 2: 1 game won = 1.6 Net points

Court 3: 1 game won = 1.5 Net points

Court 4: 1 game won = 1.4 Net points

Court 5: 1 game won = 1.3 Net points

Court 6: 1 game won = 1.2 Net points

Court 7: 1 game won = 1.1 Net points

Court 8: 1 game won = 1.0 Net points


In past seasons the points have correlated very accurately to performance (and attendance).


arrowyellow1a1aSub Rules:

If you are going to miss a week then YOU have to find someone to fill your spot. The sub cannot move you up a court but has the ability to hold your position on that court for the next week provided that they don't finish last with their points that night playing. If the sub ties with a non-sub to move down, the sub automatically moves down (no tiebreaker is played).


arrowyellow1a2aSub Points:

When you get a sub and they show up and play, you get 10 points towards the points race (these 10 points have nothing to do with moving up or down)


If you don't get a sub (and someone else has to scramble and get one for you) then you get 0 points for that week -- and you risk your position in the league for next season.

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